Pass Me The Tea…I’ll Pass On The Alcohol!

Recently, I made a decision for myself. No one told me that I needed to do this, or that I was out of control, or anything like that. It’s just something that happened on day, and continued to the next day, and the next day.

I’m not drinking alcohol as much as I use to. It’s okay folks, no need to break out the tissue boxes just yet. But I’ll go for months now without having any kind of alcoholic beverages, and I’m good this way!

There wasn’t any reason as to why I decided to pull back on my alcohol intake, it’s not like I was having a drink everyday, but I just wasn’t enjoying it as much anymore. So, little by little, I just started saying “no” to having a glass of wine or a martini, and started drinking more water and teas.

There is such a large variety of teas out there! And now I’ve learned to “play” with teas at home. I brew my own hot teas, chill them, and ENJOY! I love peach tea, lavender tea, all berry teas, and green tea is now my favorite. I even went to China town recently with friends and got myself some cute little tea cups to further enjoy the drinking tea experience. But I haven’t started making those cute little finger sandwiches, yet.

Drinking tea makes me feel things that I did not feel with drinking alcohol. Instead of feeling hyper, I’m feeling more relaxed. The world seems to be a litter calmer, and more simple. Not that a good glass of wine doesn’t make one feel relaxed, but a glass of tea, for me, does it in a much better way. And there’s no worry about having two or three glasses of peach tea and then having to drink! Just saying…..

And I’m surprised that there are people that are surprised that I’m not really drinking any more. I’ll go out with friends who may order for themselves a margarita, and then I’ll order an iced tea, and when the waiter leaves they’ll ask me, “What? You’re not drinking any more? What’s wrong?”

What’s wrong? As Gordon Ramsey might say, “OH, COME ON!” Really? There has to be something wrong because I’m not willing to pour a margarita down my throat? NO!!

There’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks every now and then. In fact, I went wine tasting with a good friend just this past weekend and it was a good time. But it wasn’t a good time because of the wine, it was a good time because of the place, the conversation. And I didn’t really enjoy the wine’s that we tried, but I did like one of them. I would have been okay with ordering one glass of the wine that I did like, but they didn’t offer that option, and I wasn’t going to buy a whole $32 dollar bottle just to have one glass. And I didn’t want to bring it home, knowing that I wasn’t going to drink it. So, I just ordered more water instead and I didn’t mind at all.

I’m drinking less, and I’m content with it. Don’t think any less of me for not wanting to drink alcohol as often, because there will be times that I will, probably. Just don’t hate me for not drinking with you! If I’m invited to a wedding, I’ll toast to the happy couple with a glass of champagne! WOO HOO!

But today, for now….pass me the passion-fruit/green tea please, and make it a double!


About izzysmomma1

I'm just a person trying to enjoy this life one day at a time. I like helping others, and love animals. I enjoy reading just about anything, and like all types of music. I enjoy gardening (I can keep a plant alive for a pretty long time in most cases), and my favorite colors are green, brown, and cosmic pink. I like to write, have self published one book, and working on two more currently. This may be my last journey, so I'm trying to get it right!
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