Why Watch What We Say….

Maybe this has happened to you as well, but lately, I’ve been putting my foot into my mouth more often than not. It’s okay once in awhile. Happens to most people I would think, but lately….I’ve become a master at it. I might have even put BOTH feet in there once or twice, just this past week alone! (Thank goodness my toes are painted nicely).

In order for me to improve and succeed in my relationships, I need to learn to put a muzzle on myself sometimes. Not everything I’m thinking needs to be said out loud, or at least, hold that thought until I’ve had a chance to figure out if it’s even what I really want to say in the first place. Maybe if I did this, then less people would have hurt feelings. I don’t enjoy hurting people, and I don’t like being hurt either.

This watching what you say stuff is a two-way street people. My feelings get hurt too. I’m a Pisces for crying out loud! I’m always overly sensitive to things that people say to me anyway!

We all, each of us, need to watch what we say to others, and also be aware of the tones that we use. In order to help and improve our relationships; friends, marriages, co-workers, etc., we need to have some self-control over the words that come out of our mouths. And saying, “Well, I’m sorry. But that’s how I feel”, doesn’t cut it folks. Again, it may be how “your” feeling, but why say something that you KNOW is going to hurt someone else? Does your not being able to hold back words that you know will hurt someone else show true maturity? I don’t think so. I’m guilty of this too, and I’m constantly working to change it.

So today, I’m planning on taking inventory of my attitudes and my actions.

I want to be committed to having healthy relationship in all areas of my life. I want to have freedom from guilt, from hurting others for no good reason. And if I’ve hurt them, then be able to apologize as soon as possible so that we can both move forward and not let stupid words come between the relationship. Too many good relationships get broken when all that was needed to fix it may have started with the words, “I’m sorry.” Pride doesn’t have a place here, trust me on that.

If I can do this, then the rewards will be everlasting.

I want to overcome fear, negative feelings, and bring positive energy into my life, and into my heart. This starts with not saying things that hurt, just because I have the need to get things out of my system. I’m not saying to not be honest, it’s always better to tell the truth. (Look at Bill Clinton).

Just tell the truth with some class, without anger, and keep in mind that you are speaking to another human being that may be more sensitive than yourself. It’s not a bad thing to be that way.

There’s so many negative things all around us, some we have no control over. But we can control what we say, and how we say it. I’m going to work on this for my own peace of mind, and hopefully it will help to protect and keep those relationships that matter most to me in my life for years to come.


About izzysmomma1

I'm just a person trying to enjoy this life one day at a time. I like helping others, and love animals. I enjoy reading just about anything, and like all types of music. I enjoy gardening (I can keep a plant alive for a pretty long time in most cases), and my favorite colors are green, brown, and cosmic pink. I like to write, have self published one book, and working on two more currently. This may be my last journey, so I'm trying to get it right!
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5 Responses to Why Watch What We Say….

  1. Rachel Olivier says:

    I’m trying to practice putting things in a journal. Then I get it out and it’s safely tucked away. Sometimes I just want to get my mad on and people tend to try to “talk you down” too, you notice? When all you want to do is express yourself somehow?

    But yeah, in public, watching what I say. Hard.

  2. Carol Konwin says:

    Another wonderful, well written piece. You’re so good at writing and getting great thoughts out there. You will help all of us be better people and think a little more before we speak. I will do that today at lunch with two friends. Thank you! Love……

  3. Noel Schmitt says:

    That was great and really makes you think about how what we say effects others. Noel Schmitt

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