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Hate And Love Relationships….

Ever wish that you could close your eyes for a few minutes, then reopen them to a miraculously new life? Well, that would be me today. I don’t feel like shouting out at the world, “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?”, but … Continue reading

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Pass Me The Tea…I’ll Pass On The Alcohol!

Recently, I made a decision for myself. No one told me that I needed to do this, or that I was out of control, or anything like that. It’s just something that happened on day, and continued to the next … Continue reading

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Awareness Comes Randomly

Every morning, my routine starts out the same way. I slowly get out of bed to feed my kitten who is eagerly ready for me to feed her and then play with her for twenty minutes or more. Some mornings … Continue reading

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She’s Alone, But Okay For Now…

Before I went to bed last night, I searched through my choices of “sleep sounds” on my phone. Often I chose a combination of a running river sound, with either crickets or birds, and some light thunder to try and … Continue reading

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Why Watch What We Say….

Maybe this has happened to you as well, but lately, I’ve been putting my foot into my mouth more often than not. It’s okay once in awhile. Happens to most people I would think, but lately….I’ve become a master at … Continue reading

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